Exhibition Stand Design

We at Whimsical look into building an exhibition stand right form its conceptualization to its execution. We customize your stand in a way that it communicates the core intentions of your brand. We make sure that
we utilize the space available to the upmost level and fairly stick to the idea of the design.

Irrespective of the fact, if you wish to participate in an exhibition within India or outside, we build your
stand in a way that the process is up to the mark and economical.



The utilization of wooden kiosk’s to showcase the brands offerings gives the client a chance to improve its brand image by using unique designs. They provide an inner view of the brands ability of living up to its corporate identity.

Whimsical has designers who are no less than experts in creating 3D deigns which are not only unique and attractive but which we would bring you sure success. Our designers and project managers constantly strive to consider every minute detail related to the stand and bring solutions to complications if occur.


  • Immense design options – Custom stand shows have a lot of scope for experimentation. Since they are easy to customize, there are innumerable options to consider various colors, shapes, styles, themes to make up these designs. Due to which these stands tend to grab a lot of attention in the first place.
  • Clarifies a company’s corporate identity – Custom kiosk portrays the company’s corporate identity and makes the marketing message clear.
  • Escalates brand image – A customized kiosk increases the likelihood of a brand. It sets a whole new image of a brand in the market based upon the qualities of trust and reliability.

modular stall

Modular Stands by Whimsical give you the opportunity to display your brand in a chic manner. These kind of stands are used across the globe for various exhibitions. Modular Stands include already build panels which are only meant to be intersected within the given space.

Modular Stands create a positive impression of your brand and fulfills its objectives while still staying in your budget.


  • Effortless set up’s – Modular stands are easy to station and dismantle since there are already built panels which are meant to be intersected in a modular form.
  • Reclaimable – Modular stand designs can be easily reused as they can be transformed and redesigned to serve various exhibitions.
  • Long lasting – Modular Stands are comparatively stronger than any other exhibition stands. Since they are made up of metal panels, they can be stored and reused.
  • Economical – A modular stand is a cost effective option as there are no additional costs involved to build the stand each time because of already build panels.

two-storey stand

know Double Decker Stands are rare to find but benefit a brand to a large amount. Considering the competition that exist, two story stands help your brand to stand in an exhibition and in turn attract people. Two storey stand are highly noticed not only because of their size but the since the space available to build such stands is more than others the scope to make innovations is also high.

Whimsical makes sure that the designs for such stands are unique enough to suit the space owned by the client. We make use of the latest technology and the newest themes to build these stands. Which results in attracting more people to the stand and notice your brand than others.

country pavilion

Country Pavilions are organized, different and customized, designs created for countries all over the world to promote Country Branding and to maintain healthy relationships with different countries.

We at Whimsical consider every demand of the client and make it happen. We propound services like Consultancy, Designing, Space Planning, Supervision. These services not only make the clients project complete but also provide solution to every problem.